• Homepages (fully dynamic solutions)
  • Content management software
  • E-shops
  • Linux work stations and servers (maintenance/installation)
  • SEO (web site optimisation for search engines)

Every company knows the importance of having a web site which is regularly updated. We have created a convenient Wibes CMS solution for this purpose. Information can be easily updated using the modules tailor-made for the client. If needed our modules can be connected to the company’s internal data system, e.g., updating the product information for online shopping. After the goods have been sold through the cash register, the stock on hand will be available online.

Flash is used in most computers to send graphic and dynamic images. We offer you the possibility of creating games, polls and demos for your marketing campaigns. We have used Flash solutions to create web sites where the user can upload pictures of their backyard to their server. Then the guest can choose the house, colours, roof, etc. All of the objects can be rotated, flipped, zoomed in and out. When the desired result has been achieved, the picture can be printed out and used for making a price offer to a company.

SEO means optimisation of a web site for search engines. We have used this for years and the results have been amazing. But, we should never forget that everything in this world develops. Once the desired result has been achieved, you should know it will not last forever. This is why the code, presentation and images of your homepage should be regularly reviewed and changed when necessary.